Clients & Projects

This list does not include my anonymous family foundation clients and projects.

Areas of Expertise

Enhancing family philanthropy Across Generations

For many, identifying social issues that resonate personally is the easy part; building the strategy, relationships, and due diligence process to get there is much harder. I work closely with individuals and families on identifying their passion, mapping a grant strategy, connecting with nonprofits, and executing due diligence to maximize their giving. Along the way, I collaborate with families to discuss and create the governance and structure needed to pursue their goals. Lastly, I have extensive experience working with families to more effectively engage younger generations in the the family’s philanthropic efforts. 

Individualized Coaching

The COVID-19 pandemic provided all of us with the opportunity to take stock of our personal and professional lives and examine whether or not our career paths aligned with our values. Many people emerged with a desire to pivot their careers to find better alignment between the two and yet often find themselves struggling to understand how the social sector works, build the knowledge and experience to be competitive in the job market, and expand their network. I provide one-on-one coaching and individualized networking to those wishing to make a career change to the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. I also provide coaching on fundraising, board relations, and organizational development to those already working in the social sector and seeking leadership positions

Building community participation in philanthropy

Many foundations struggle to engage more community members in their grant process. I support foundations to pilot and evaluate participatory grant processes, connect with experts in the field of participatory philanthropy, and build models to receive authentic and ongoing feedback from the communities they aim to serve.

Maximizing fundraising performance through development planning and the coaching of staff and boards

Nonprofits know how crucial the retention of the right development and executive staff is to their efforts to deliver on their mission. I have extensive experience providing coaching to development staff, Executive Directors, and boards to maximize fundraising performance and reduce turnover. I also work with nonprofits to build sustainable development plans to support growth and to successfully raise funds during challenging economic times.